OBEO Food Waste Box

Obeo food waste box for food waste recycling with your brown bin

Obeo Food Waste Box

Say bye bye to smells, mess and bin juice! And say hello to fuss-free recycling. Obeo is a compostable food waste box that goes straight in the brown bin when it’s full. Easy!

Clean: Obeo is the mess-free way to deal with food waste. No more hassle. No more stinky bins.
Handy: Obeo makes it easy to recycle your peelings and leftovers. It's a win-win for you and the environment.
Strong: Obeo is tough and water-resistant. That means no smells and no mess.

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Want to know more? Discover how Obeo works along with tips on reducing food waste.

See What Obeo Customers Have To Say


  • It made the whole process of disposing of food waste far more pleasant, easy and convenient.
    Jordan, Dublin
  • I was surprised at the strength of the bag, especially when holding moist food waste.
    Maria, Dublin
  • I like that I can recycle without a lot of extra mess and work. Obeo means I can recycle effortlessly.
    Helena, Dublin
  • It is cleaner than the small brown kitchen bin, which stank by the time it was full. Aesthetically, it is more pleasing than either the bin or an overflowing bowl or leaky colander.
    Edel, Dublin
  • Obeo really helped prevent smells and leaks.
    Anne, Dublin
  • Very impressed with how much you can put into Obeo. Easy to fold over and throw into brown bin when it’s full.
    Kate, Dublin
  • It’s clean, tidy, useful, green and friendly, happy days!
    Kieran, Kildare
  • The best food waste solution I've used. I did try the kitchen caddy with small green biodegradable bags, but they sometimes leaked and you still had to rinse the caddy out each time. I love that the Obeo box itself goes into the bin.
    Olive, Kildare
  • It is very clean and convenient, compared to my dirty compost bin!!
    Lucy, Wexford
  • Great not to have to clean out the container. It also keeps the big brown bin cleaner.
    Tara, Dublin
  • Much better than what I previously used. It is clean in the kitchen and easy to transfer without mess to the large brown bin.
    Helena, Dublin
  • They really are the answer to the very smelly (and sometimes maggot-riddled-yuck!) problems we were having with the outside food bin in hot weather. It's great not to have to thoroughly clean and disinfect an indoor food bin every few days as well. 
    Sheree, Cork
  • A very impressive service and quick delivery. We have only been using the product for a couple of days but have already noticed a massive difference. I love the fact that it closes so keeps in smells and it also seems to stops flies.
    James, Dublin