The fight to keep Obeo in your kitchen

Join the customer campaign to save our little food waste box.


In May of this year myself and Liz, made the difficult decision to cease trading. Our problem was cashflow, the same thing that kills so many start up companies. Obeo wasn’t bankrupt, we  had the funds to run the company or put in another production run but not enough to do both. We really felt that we had exhausted all options and so in June of this year we informed our customers that Obeo would be shutting down. Nothing could  prepare us for what happened next. Continue reading “The fight to keep Obeo in your kitchen”


4 Ways To Get Kids Interested In Recycling

 How to get kids interested in recycling


With the school term officially in full swing, what better time to get your kids interested in recycling. Schools across Ireland have been making an effort for years now to reduce the waste they produce in an effort to obtain a coveted green flag. Green Flag schools add eco-education to the curriculum in order to educate kids on the importance of caring for the environment.  16g of waste per person, per day, was diverted from landfill by students in Green-Schools during 2016! This is an amazing achievement but the key is to ensure these practices don’t go out the window once the school day is done. We’ve devised some simple ways to get your little ones to keep up the good work!

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Obeo’s Guide to the Do’s and Dont’s of Composting

Obeo’s Guide to the Do’s and Dont’s of Composting

We’re on a bit of a composting kick recently. So this week we decided to bring you a little do’s and dont’s list. Knowing what and what not to put in your home composter, will help to ensure that you achieve best results. Composting can often seem like a complicated process so we’ve broken it down into some simple rules. Keep on reading to find out more!
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Simple Ways to Reduce Avoidable Food Waste | Obeo

Simple Ways to Reduce Avoidable Food Waste

Stalks, stems, shells, these are some of the most common food waste items. Often they aren’t seen as waste because we aren’t always entirely sure of how to use them or if they can be used in the first place. Producing some waste is inevitable for most of us. So reduction is key. We wanted to give you a new perspective on some of these commonly discarded items so that you can stop putting them in the bin and start putting them in your belly!

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Things to Consider Before Getting a Composter

Things to Consider Before Getting a Composter


In last weeks blog post we discussed the issues surrounding food waste and the ways in which you can help to reduce it. When it comes to waste, reduction is key, followed then by re-use and finally recycling. Recycling your food waste has become far more accessible over the past number of years in Ireland thanks in no small part to the introduction of the brown bin. At present 500,000 households in Ireland have a brown bin with this figure set to increase over the coming months. Waste collectors are currently rolling out brown bins to comply with the new Household Food Waste Regulations.

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Hear about the business women who use Obeo

Hear about the business women who use Obeo.

We have met lots of inspiring business women over the last number of years since launching Obeo. So imagine how awesome it is for us when we find out that they actually use Obeo food waste box in their homes or businesses. We get so excited we do a little dance! We thought we would visit these inspiring business women and find out why they love using Obeo. Continue reading “Hear about the business women who use Obeo”

Prepping Food without the Waste

How to Waste Less when Prepping Food

Waste Less when Prepping Food

Peeling fruit and veg can be a bit of a pain especially when it comes to a pesky plant like ginger. Luckily there are a ton of handy hacks available online that will make prepping food a hell of a lot easier. Not only do these help you to save time but they can also reduce the amount of food you waste in the process! We’ve rounded up some of our favourite hacks for you below. Be sure to try them out and let us know if there’s any that we’ve missed out on. Continue reading “How to Waste Less when Prepping Food”

How will the new bin charges affect me?

New Bin Charging Structure

It was confirmed today that a more flexible framework for waste collection charges has been approved by Government. The new arrangement gives waste collectors with the ability to continue to provide, or introduce, a range of incentivised pricing options to their customers and abolishes the mandatory Pay-By-Weight structure introduced by the government last year.

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