Prepping Food without the Waste

How to Waste Less when Prepping Food

Waste Less when Prepping Food

Peeling fruit and veg can be a bit of a pain especially when it comes to a pesky plant like ginger. Luckily there are a ton of handy hacks available online that will make prepping food a hell of a lot easier. Not only do these help you to save time but they can also reduce the amount of food you waste in the process! We’ve rounded up some of our favourite hacks for you below. Be sure to try them out and let us know if there’s any that we’ve missed out on. Continue reading “How to Waste Less when Prepping Food”

Expert Tips For School Lunch Success (with minimal waste)

Oh wow! Where did the Summer go?

It’s back to school time already. As all you parents know there’s a lot to think about at this time of the year. With the new books and uniforms being organised, worrying about little Johnny or Mary settling back in ok and all the rest of it.  Luckily we have a couple of tips for you on lunch prep this school term. Continue reading “Expert Tips For School Lunch Success (with minimal waste)”

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Kate’s Top 5 Easy To Grow Herbs

Kate’s Top 5 Easy To Grow Herbs

Nothing frustrates me more then going into a supermarket and seeing a wall of plastic containers each holding a tiny sprig of herb. I hate buying herbs for three main reasons. Firstly packaged herbs are a waste of plastic. Secondly, I never use up all the herbs I buy so half ends up as food waste. And finally supermarkets charge an extortionate price for something we could easily produce at home.


Continue reading “Kate’s Top 5 Easy To Grow Herbs”

7 Pumpkin Tricks or Treats

The spookacular power of pumpkin


In Autumn time the shops and markets have pumpkins in plentiful supply all across the UK and Ireland. We are buying up this large wholesome vegetable in a massive seasonal surge of sales, but as a food they are wasted as very few pumpkins sold will ever be eaten, just carved for Halloween decoration and then thrown out. This is such a shame considering the potential for so many great dishes and not to mention the nutritional and health benefits pumpkin can provide. Continue reading “7 Pumpkin Tricks or Treats”