Guilt Free Snacking

Taking the guilt out of snacking

I’m usually quite a healthy eater. At home we cook all our meals from scratch, I always bring a packed lunch of homemade soup or salad into work and I’d usually eat fruit for a snack. But over the past 6 months something has changed. I still do all those things but I realised recently that I now finish off all my meals with either a biscuit (sometimes three!) or some chocolate. Continue reading “Guilt Free Snacking”


Top 4 veggie recipes for a non-veggie

The meat eaters guide to going meat free

I’m pleased to say that going meat free for 4 days a week wasn’t that difficult at all. I stuck with it all through January and enjoyed it so much I’m going to keep it up for the foreseeable future. Success! I experimented with some new dishes I hadn’t tried before and I also just left the meat out of certain dishes that were regulars on our mid week menu. So I decided I would share 4 of my favourite go to veggie dishes in case any of you regular meat eaters fancy a change. Continue reading “Top 4 veggie recipes for a non-veggie”

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Kate’s Top 5 Easy To Grow Herbs

Kate’s Top 5 Easy To Grow Herbs

Nothing frustrates me more then going into a supermarket and seeing a wall of plastic containers each holding a tiny sprig of herb. I hate buying herbs for three main reasons. Firstly packaged herbs are a waste of plastic. Secondly, I never use up all the herbs I buy so half ends up as food waste. And finally supermarkets charge an extortionate price for something we could easily produce at home.


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7 Pumpkin Tricks or Treats

The spookacular power of pumpkin


In Autumn time the shops and markets have pumpkins in plentiful supply all across the UK and Ireland. We are buying up this large wholesome vegetable in a massive seasonal surge of sales, but as a food they are wasted as very few pumpkins sold will ever be eaten, just carved for Halloween decoration and then thrown out. This is such a shame considering the potential for so many great dishes and not to mention the nutritional and health benefits pumpkin can provide. Continue reading “7 Pumpkin Tricks or Treats”

Stop Wasting Bread And Keep It Fresh For Longer

How to waste less bread


Food waste is a big issue these days, reaching into mainstream television and government policy worldwide. It’s an issue that we are hearing a lot about, but what can we do? Well one thing most of us are guilty of is wasting bread. For example in the UK about 24 million slices of bread are thrown in the bin by families everyday. How many times have we found mould on our slice pan as we were prepared to go and make the ultimate sandwich, nightmare.


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