Top 4 veggie recipes for a non-veggie

The meat eaters guide to going meat free

I’m pleased to say that going meat free for 4 days a week wasn’t that difficult at all. I stuck with it all through January and enjoyed it so much I’m going to keep it up for the foreseeable future. Success! I experimented with some new dishes I hadn’t tried before and I also just left the meat out of certain dishes that were regulars on our mid week menu. So I decided I would share 4 of my favourite go to veggie dishes in case any of you regular meat eaters fancy a change. Continue reading “Top 4 veggie recipes for a non-veggie”

meat free monday

New Year’s Resolution- Meat Free Monday

New Year’s Resolution- Meat Free Monday

Unlike Kate, who’s a committed vegetarian, I’m a huge meat eater. I love nothing more than a juicy beef burger (especially since I discovered Bunsen a few months ago!) and I eat chicken or beef in the majority of my weekly dinners. So instead of just doing Meat Free Monday I’m committing to 4 days a week of no meat. I’ll be experimenting with vegetarian dishes while also trying to convert my meat-eating husband over to the same diet to make our cooking schedule easier. Wish me luck!

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