Obeo Food Waste Box

The Obeo Food Waste Box is certified compostable and biodegradable according to European Standard EN13432. We are certified by Din Certco (See compostable cert details here) with registration number 7P0540 / 9G0068. This means that the Obeo Food Waste Box will break down in an industrial composting facility without having any negative effects on our environment. You'll know we are certified because our packaging carries this seedling logo. The cardboard is FSC-certified and the bag is made from recycled fibres. It’s water-resistant, but not designed to hold lots of liquid.
It’s easy! To pop Obeo open, just follow the guidelines on the bottom of the box. Make sure Obeo will sit flat on your countertop by pushing up the base and creasing it along the fold line. We think it’s a good idea to keep Obeo on your kitchen countertop where it’s handy for you, but out of the way of kids and pets. Simply fill Obeo with food waste over a few days. Make sure to keep the lid closed when not in use as this helps to lock away any nasty smells. We’ve also put a useful ‘max fill level’ on the box. Fill Obeo up to this point to get the most from each box while still being able to close the lid.
Each box should last between two to three days. A five-pack of Obeo can last up to two weeks, meaning it costs less than €0.35 a day to use Obeo. Of course, this depends on how big your family is and how often you cook. You can buy Obeo online through bulk buy or a subscription.
Obeo is indeed strong enough for wet food waste. It’s tough and water-resistant, but it’s not designed to hold lots of liquid. For very wet waste, please put a paper towel in the bottom of the box first.
Yes, Obeo helps to deter those pesky fruit flies. The advantage of Obeo over other food waste bins is that the whole unit goes straight into the outdoor organic bin. This means there are no residues left in the kitchen where fruit flies could leave their larvae.
These days, we all face growing waste disposal costs, because of rising landfill charges. Alternatives to the main rubbish bin or wheelie bin (often called the black bin and officially known as the residual bin) such as the organic bin and recycling bin are now the best value way to dispose of waste. In Ireland, the new Household Food Waste Regulations ban the disposal of food waste into the residual bin. These new regulations will come into force soon, once all households have an organic bin service, which will happen by 2017. By using Obeo with the outdoor organic bin, you could save up to €40 a year (depending on how much you pay in black bin charges).
Good question! We’ve done a lot of work to analyse the environmental impact of Obeo. Through our research, we found that the global warming potential of food waste in landfill outweighs the global warming potential of Obeo’s production and subsequent composting. We believe that if Obeo can encourage people to recycle their food waste (meaning it doesn’t go to landfill), then it’s a justified use of paper.
Obeo combines the letter ‘o’, which represents a cycle, and the Irish word ‘beo’, which means ‘life’. Together in the word Obeo, they symbolise the continuous life cycle of food waste or, as we like to call it, The Food Loop.
The organic bin is specifically for materials that biodegrade, such as food and garden waste. In Ireland, the organic bin is usually called the brown bin. In the UK, some councils collect food and garden waste separately. That depends on where you live. The residual bin is often called the black bin. We use it to dispose of any waste that cannot be recycled. This waste goes straight to landfill.
Obeo is suitable for home compost and will break down along with your food waste. The important thing to remember is that the rules for home compost are different to those for industrial composting (which is where the contents of your brown bin or organic bin go for composting). You cannot put any cooked foods, meat or dairy into an open home compost as it may attract some pesky rodents. Remember! For home compost, stick to raw foods and avoid cooked foods, meat or dairy.
With Obeo, you don’t have to deal with smells, mess or bin juice. The biodegradable plastic bags can leak and drip, and if you use them to line a caddy or small bin, you usually have to wash that out. Obeo is the fuss-free alternative. Just throw it in the brown bin when it’s full.
Food waste in landfill causes serious environmental damage. As it breaks down, it releases pollutants such as methane, a greenhouse gas 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide, and toxic liquid called leachate that contaminates our soils and water. When you recycle food waste in your brown bin, it goes to an industrial composting facility. There, it’s converted into nutritious compost that local farmers use to grow crops.
See our Links we love section to learn more about recycling and the environment. Find out more about how food waste is recycled by visiting The Food Loop.

Buying Online

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