Silicon Republic

Obeo part of NCAD Innovation Centre


Obeo launched as part of the new NCAD Innovation Centre; Origin8, an inccubation centre for start up companies wishing to bring an innovative design to market. We’ve been lucky enough to share a space with fantastic starts ups like Gazel and Cara Mobility, in a very productive and exciting enviorment.

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july regulations

The Brown Bin Is Rolling Out To More Of Ireland

More brown bins

This July (2015) will see the next wave of Irish areas to have brown bins rolled out. This will be followed by the ‘pay per weight’ collections that your waste collector must introduce within the following 12 months, ahead of the July 2016 deadline. Here we’ll answer the what, why and where for you on the whole brown bin situation.

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brown bin recycling

Get The Lowdown On Ireland’s Food Waste Recycling Law

Food Waste regulations for Irish homes and businesses

Since 2010 Irish businesses have been obliged (by law) to change the way they dispose of food waste and bio-waste. This was done in an effort to reduce the level of biodegradable waste going in to landfill. Instead diverting it to composting facilities and other treatment centre’s around the country.

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