Recycling food waste can be pretty gross. We all know it’s the right thing to do and soon, most of us will have to do it, but that doesn’t make it any less disgusting. Using a caddy or bioplastic bag to collect vegetable peelings, leftovers and food scraps can quickly become a smelly, sloppy job. (Think ‘bin juice’. Think maggots. Think ewwww.)

We’re Kate and Liz, and we knew there absolutely had to be a better way…

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When Kate was a kid, her resourceful family recycled and upcycled, long before it was cool and trendy. At the same time, Liz’s parents grew all their vegetables, recycled the family’s food waste and made their own compost. They both always had a keen interest in the environment.

We met by chance in 2010 and really hit it off. So we set about building our first business, a successful homewares design studio called Klickity. But then we wanted to do something more. We wanted to change the world, a few kilos of food waste at a time.

We dreamed up a compostable little box that could sit on the kitchen counter and be thrown straight into the brown bin when it was full.

Turns out that making such a simple product is a pretty complicated job. It took us two years. The first prototype was made from glued-together newspaper and was too labour-intensive. The next prototype couldn’t cope with wet waste. The one after that was too expensive to produce.

But the final prototype was pretty much perfect. Not too costly to produce, strong enough to cope with whatever food waste was thrown in it, good-looking enough to be on show in any kitchen.

The Obeo box was born. Yay!

All we had to do was find a manufacturer who believed in Obeo as much as we did. We scoured the planet, tried hundreds and hadn’t much luck, until a forward-thinking company in the UK said a big, enthusiastic Yes to making Obeo boxes.

Once Obeo boxes were in production, they started to fly off supermarket shelves straight away. Soon, we could hardly keep up with demand.

Obeo makes a real difference.

Everyone who tries Obeo loves it, because it works. It’s easy-to-use, sturdy and holds up to 2kg of food waste. It’s water-resistant and closes tight so it keeps those nasty smells locked away.

It’s bye bye to smells, mess and bin juice, and hello to fuss-free recycling.

At Obeo, we’re thrilled that our product makes people’s lives easier and their homes fresher. 

And Obeo customers are part of something bigger. Every pack of Obeo they use diverts 10kg of waste from landfill, so they’re helping to save the world, one little brown box at a time. 

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Obeo combines the letter ‘o’, which represents a cycle, and the Irish word ‘beo’, which means ‘life’. Together in the word Obeo, they symbolise the continuous life cycle of food waste or, as we like to call it, The Food Loop.


Co Founder and CEO

After graduating from university, Liz got sucked into the corporate world of accounting by the lure of a nice pay cheque. One day, however, she had an epiphany and realised she needed a change. She quit life as a chartered accountant and went into business with Kate. She’s been thrilled to help turn Kate’s food waste ideas into a successful business and help the environment at the same time. A super-organised list-lover, Liz has a ridiculously good memory, which comes in handy at work.

Co Founder and CDO

Kate is a packaging and product designer with a Masters in Sustainable Design. She’s a self confessed cardboard and packaging addict. When she’s not experimenting with cardboard Kate loves any activity that involves being outside. This includes getting up at crazy o’clock to go swimming or chase her hyperactive dog around the park at first light. She also likes to run up mountains and insists this is a real sport.

All things digital

Ian is the one who takes care of all things digital and online within our team. He looks after our website and makes sure that all of our online customers are happy. Ian likes to start his day off with a fresh smoothie concocted by using whatever fruit or veg that needs to be used-up and then ends his week with a lovely craft ale (or two). When he’s not trying to get the people of the world recycling their food waste with Obeo he’s being a dad – or else trying to squeeze in a bit of time in the studio to create some grooving techno beats.


Emily is a product and graphic designer with a techie background. Passionate about sustainability, Emily came to Obeo as she knew she could put her skills to good use here – she was also enticed by the buzz of a rapidly growing startup! Mad about her dog Zola, Emily is also a nature nut and kickstarts each day with a woodland ramble to get that creativity flowing!