graphic charter

What is a graphic charter and what is its purpose?

The graphic charter is related to the visual identity of a company/brand.

It is a document that will include all the graphic elements related to your site with a guide for using the various visual elements.

This includes the logo, its use, its variation, the fonts, their sizes, their weights, the color palette, etc.

The objective of the graphic charter is to ensure harmony between the various communication media. This does not only concern the website but all the media around the brand:

  • The print (all printed materials used in marketing), such as flyers, business cards, brochures and leaflets, envelopes and correspondence paper, etc.
  • The supports for the events, such as the shows, kakemonos, stand, covers, goodies, etc.
  • This also includes digital media: email signatures, PowerPoint presentations, visuals used on social networks or in newsletters, etc.
  • There are many examples, but to summarize, it is everything that requires the work of a graphic designer.

All these elements allow to identify a company and to enhance its brand image.

The components of a good graphic charter

Focus on the different elements that make up a graphic charter:

  • There is of course the logo, which is the strongest and most distinguishable element of an identity. The charter will specify how the logo should be used: its size, the protection zone (or neutrality) to be kept around it, the colors and possible variations, on a white background, black background, in black and white, etc. There are different types of logos: typographic like Coca-Cola for example, with a whole word or an acronym for that matter, illustrative like Apple, a pictogram like Twitter, we can imagine a mascot like Michelin, an emblem like Ford, something more abstract like adidas, or a combination of several elements. The possibilities are endless.
  • Next comes the typography or font. Here, it’s best to keep it simple with one main font for text and a secondary one for headlines; too many fonts will hurt readability/consistency in any case. The fonts must be readable! And let’s forget about the comic without MS…
  • With the logo come the colors that will identify the universe of the brand. There are sites that can help you create a harmonious color palette. On the graphic chart, the color codes can be indicated in different ways: quadrichrome, pantone, RGB or web.
  • A site without photographs would be a bit sad! The photos are also part of the charter, as well as the illustrations. That’s why we have written about this subject so that you can find free and royalty-free images on the internet.
  • There are also pictograms and small visual elements used in addition such as arrows, buttons, favicon, etc.
  • The graphic charter details how all these elements must coexist to form a harmonious whole. It also specifies what is forbidden.

As you can see, a graphic charter is essential in a communication strategy. Depending on the size of your company or your sector of activity, you will not necessarily be concerned by all types of support. Start with the ones that will be most useful to you right away.

Weareobeo can help you carry out your graphic design project; do not hesitate to contact our graphic design team.